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Trigger Point Therapy in Glendale

neck pain

Are you looking for Trigger Point Therapy in Glendale?  A small muscular nod, or specifically a trigger point, can be responsible for pain in parts of the body that are quite some distance from where the nodule is itself. It is common for a trigger point in the low to mid back to radiate pain and discomfort into the shoulders and neck. This neck and shoulder pain is likely to cause pain in the head that can be a dull ache or a sharp, intense pain.

"Myo" means muscle and fascia means pertaining to the "fascia" or connective tissue around and of the muscle.  Muscle injury as well as repetitive trauma can lead to trigger points in the muscle that when pressed cause a shortening of the muscle fiber and could refer pain elsewhere in the body.

This particular kind of therapy is designed to work on the nodule directly. There is specific, controlled pressure that is applied to the trigger point. After a few seconds of pressure, it is released. During this type of massage the patient participates and communicates by identified areas of discomfort as well as having controlled, deep breathing.

By relieving the trigger points in a muscle, it is allowing the muscle knot to loosen. Patients often experience immediately relief following one treatment. Regularly scheduled trigger point therapy can give you the benefits of pain management from stress, injury, etc.

Prenatal Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy allow  the pelvic girdle ligaments to stretch accommodating for the growing fetus.  The loosening of the ligaments can lead to unexpected muscle strain and injury  causing  sciatica like symptoms.  These patients do not suffer from true sciatica as the pain does not cross the ankle joint but rather is due to myofascial trigger points.  Benefits of this treatment are improved circulation, release of muscle tension, and improved pelvic muscle balance to aid in the birthing process

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