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Chiropractic Testimonials

Neck & Shoulder Pain

"This is the best chiropractor and staff I've met. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain. Chiropractic care from other chiropractors has helped over the years, but nothing seemed to solve the problem for any length of time. I finally found Dr. Morovati. His innovative techniques and equipment have finally given me the sustained relief I needed. Dr. Morovati has a passion for helping people feel better. The staff at the office are extremely kind and professional. I highly recommend Morovati Wellness"

- Philip K.

General Treatment

I have been going to Dr. Morovati since our office got its first mouse (1991) and carpal tunnel injuries became to abound. The care he's given me and all those co-workers I referred to him allowed us to perform at our physical best - as well as making us all stand straighter, taller and without pain. Morovati has for decades been at the forefront of pain management and proper alignment in our area, gaining early recognition for his early work with accident victims who needed manipulation under anesthesia. They know their stuff. I find that even though I've moved out of the area, that whenever I return, I HAVE to visit 'Dr. Tony' and let him send me back home feeling revived!

- Tom H.

Back Pain

"Back pain is GONE!! Dr. Morovati has done what no other chiropractor has been able to. He has cleared up a decades old injury with only three appointments and by using cutting edge science. It works! The good Doctor thoroughly explains the process through which he and his staff uses (don't quote me on this) mild electric impulses to break down the affected muscle tissue, allowing circulation to flow freely once again. this breaks down the injury until it is totally healed. He promised three sessions and he delivered. all other chiropractors I've been to require practically dozens of visits costing thousands of dollars. The new office is clean, welcoming and the staff is generous and patient. Couldn't be happier!"

- Tommy K.

Sport Injury Treatment

"You will not find a better Sports doctor than Dr. Morovati, he is wonderful. He is a compassionate, gentle, caring person. This truly is a doctor that cares about people and the work he is doing. He explains everything to you, doesn't rush, patiently answers question, but best of ALL, he fixes you. No matter what you did, you can count on him to make it feel better. His staff is just lovely. They also make you feel like you matter. You can't go wrong with this group."

- Peggy R.

Resolution of Symptoms Within


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Morovati Wellness
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